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Buy Tamil Books Online - Online Tamil Book Store In India

The word "IQRA" itself stands for the meaning "Read". So the site is all about, books books and none other than books. We strongly believe that all the ideologies that emerge from various part of the world still exist through these books only. Yes, these books are making something, someone immortal. IQRA doesn't want books to be an exhibited thing. The glory of Aladdin's lamp is hidden in its usage.

IQRA Online Bookshop is a treasure hunt for Tamil book lovers. We have vast genres of Tamil books. Literature politics science, fictional, feminism philosophy, health and dietetics are few examples. We are updating about upcoming writers and publications too. We are connecting people with appropriate books on the basis of current affairs. IQRA concentrates on the reviews. Either it may be from a celebrity or a fresher, the purpose is to spread the joy of reading to everyone. Yes, The books are the best companion in this technological era too. In this world of gadgets people wants to feel it, to smell it and read it.

IQRA Online Bookshop is really a boon to the people of such kind. Countless books are here. You can choose it by genre, author and publication vice. You can get various details and information regarding books, authors and new arrivals. We are interested in promoting reading habit to the young ones too. Children oriented books, we introduced, are the proofs of our intention. We encourage our customers with fruitful offers at regular interval. We celebrate the best sellers on their special days. Success is nothing but doing right thing in right place at right time. So it’s a right time to get your books by clicking our website. Not only for you, but you can send these books as a token of love to your lovable ones on a special occasions.

IQRA Online Bookshop is ready to serve books for your thirst for knowledge.